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The Pebble Watch!

No doubt you’ve heard about the Pebble watch. It supposedly goes for $150. Would be a bargain if you got a free smartphone with purchase? Pebble (watch) The Pebble E-Paper…

The iWatch

RT @yrvingt: Waiting for Apple’s iWatch. My design featured in the LA Times #iWatch #Apple #SmartWatch RT @BrooklynKelli: iWatch: Apple’s Possible Replacement for the iPhone via @walyou Waiting…

Plans to build a 3-D printed HOUSE!!!

RT @FastCoExist: It’s Alive! This 3D-Printed House Builds More Houses It’s Alive! This 3D-Printed House Builds More Houses Amsterdam’s KamerMaker house enters the race to be the first printed…

The PiCycle

PiCycle™ – Electric bike beauty to the Li-ion core – PiMobility @kevinolearytv what kind of electric bike do you have, Picycle? Hybrid Bike for the 21st Century Rider –…

Turn your plastic garbage into filament for a 3D printer.

RT @bkianian: Turn Your Plastic Recyclables Into 3D Printing Spools With Filabot @bkianian #MSLS #MSPI Filebot turns recyclable plastic into 3D printing material Enter the Filabot. Originally developed by…